A monster idea: Esurance produces a don't-Pokemon-and-drive ad

Technically Incorrect: Online insurance company decides to point out the pointlessness of chasing monsters at the wheel.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

You mean you haven't caught a Dingduck yet? Don't.

Esurance/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

How's your Pokemon Go habit these days?

Are you over the initial rush?

Have you stopped looking at it for a few days? Have the monsters left your life?

Some research suggests participation is falling. But there are still incidents around the world where players put themselves -- and others -- in danger.

A group of British teens got stuck on an island while playing. And in Japan, a truck driver allegedly killed a pedestrian while he was playing at the wheel.

Police forces have tried to issue guidelines about playing safely.

Now online insurance company Esurance has created an ad that suggests you don't Pokemon Go while driving.

In these simple scenarios we see people who were monster-chasing, only to enjoy a monster fender-bender. Or, at least, an annoying one.

These drivers try to make light of their various accidents while playing.

One says he actually caught a monster called Fenderbendix. Another got a Dingduck. Another, a Collidaquill.

It's all wittily done and a timely reminder for the long weekend that it simply isn't worth it.

The trouble with humans is that they're always doing things that aren't worth it.

Many tech companies have been masters of making money out of this one sad fact.