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A mobile phone with a rotary dial: Retro cool or retro fool?

You don't have to be a hipster to want a cell phone that dials like a rotary landline telephone, but it helps.

The young'uns of today will never know the struggles of being born in a time when slowly and deliberately dialing each number on a rotary dial telephone wasn't a choice.

They'll never labor to win a radio contest using a rotary phone. They'll never form a little callus on their index finger from dialing too much. They'll never hold a grudge on friends who have lots of zeros in their phone number. They'll never put pencil erasers in the phone's holes to dial so they can save their manicured nails.

However, if they do want these experiences, someone has made just the thing.

Created as an entry for semiconductor company NXP's NXP LPC810 Challenge, Slovakia-based Jaromir Sukuba put together a mobile phone that you dial like an old-fashioned landline phone. While he gets major technical and retro style points for it, there's little chance this will be the next big thing.

Wait, you use your phone to store apps but not actually call anyone? Oh, did you want to text someone? Sorry. This isn't the phone you're looking for.

That's OK. In the future, we'll all be making fun of how clunky and obsolete today's smartphones are."Touchscreens?! Remember THOSE?!" we'll all say, laughing maniacally.

Digital natives, have your ironic fun, but remember some of us lived through this.

Go ahead, go make one for yourself. Flip through the yellow pages while you're at it.

Rotary Cell Phone
Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

(Via Hackaday)