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A 'mobile circle' from the Netherlands

What works for Europe may not translate to the U.S.


If the "HyperBike" ever had training wheels, they might look something like the "WheelSurf." Actually we should say training wheel, not wheels, because this contraption is just one giant ring big enough to fit a human being inside.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this $6,900 precarious-looking "mobile circle" runs on a gas-powered Honda engine that can reach more than 18 mph. The scariest-sounding thing of all is how you ride this thing: "The outer wheel revolves around propelling you forward while keeping the center level with the horizon. Steering is accomplished by moving your center of gravity (that means you) to the right, left or back to stop," according to Slippery Brick.

We're happy to wait for others to work out the kinks first.