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A keyboard cleaner with teeth

OneClean Keyboard Cleaner sinks its teeth in

Those of us not lucky enough to have an AMEW Digital TSK-VX7 touch keyboard are still left with the dirty keyboard dilemma.

Compressed air works for crumbs, but what about the sticky stuff?

Jamming surface wipes in between keys with your fingernails or a pen does not get all the spilt coffee out, nor does leaving your keyboard upside down for a few minutes. I speak from experience.

OneClean Keyboard Cleaner
AM Denmark

The OneClean Keyboard Cleaner from AM Denmark might be just the thing.

The cleaner spray function to me seems negligible but, from the looks of the video, the hard sponge teeth shaped for dragging through the keyboard rows might be worth the $28.

Ubergizmo seems to be unimpressed with the need for this. I'm not sure if that means they are really clean and never spill stuff, or really dirty and just don't care.

Maybe they have one of the new fabric keyboards or all weather keyboards and need not worry about such things.