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A 'haunted' ad comes alive to scare the heck out of Swedes

An amusement park in Stockholm uses a terrifying technique to frighten people on the street into paying attention to their latest attraction.

And this is just from the poster. Imagine what the real attraction is like. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

Many of us are used to scanning QR codes to see what they bring up on our smartphone screens. What we're not quite used to is scanning a code and having something pretty unnerving happen in the real world.

That's why an advertising campaign in Stokholm, Sweden, by Gröna Lund -- an amusement park in the city -- is so incredibly successful. People just aren't ready for what happens when they scan a code on a plain white poster that says "Do You Dare Look At Our New Attraction?" We won't spoil the spook, but have a look at the video below and you'll see just how clever the poster promo really is.

The attraction the park is advertising is a new "House of Nightmares" which, according to the website, is a haunted house developed in conjunction with US-based Sally Corp., which creates special effects and animatronics for the amusement park industry. Its particular specialty is "dark rides." Sally, for example, will bring "The Justice League: Battle For Metropolis" dark ride to Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis next year.

The setup for the Stockholm park's attraction says that it's the abandoned house of Dr. Morphio, a New Orleans-based researcher who "conducted experiments on human subjects where with forcible and brutal methods he tried to extract the dreams from their consciousness in order to bring them to life."

If the poster is any indication of what visitors can expect, it's going to be pretty damn creepy.

(Via Design Taxi)