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A Google for green building products

You could use better insulation in the den, and may we suggest something?

AUSTIN, Texas--You can think of Green Building Studio (GBS) as a mashup between Autodesk and Google.

The Santa Rosa, Calif.-based company makes a computer automated design application for architects and builders that evaluates a building's energy efficiency. And after it does that, it pops up product recommendations for insulation, lighting and other products to increase efficiency. It makes money from the software as well as generating leads for product suppliers.

The company essentially exists to tackle two problems, according to CEO John Kennedy, who spoke at the Clean Energy Venture Summit taking place this week in Austin. First, the company's software encourages the construction of more energy-efficient buildings.

"Buildings are the largest energy users in the U.S. and the world and consequently the largest producers of greenhouse gases," he said. "And the trend is getting worse."

Second, it hopes to make money by helping companies market their products. Building products right now aren't marketed with laser-like efficiency. Approximately $60 billion gets spent a year on marketing them, according to Kennedy.

GBS launched its first version in 2004 and will come out with version three in the fall. Autodesk sells the software through its reseller channel and the two companies have launched a training program to educate 50,000 architects on how to use the software by 2010.

The company also sells private label versions of the software to manufacturers like Owens-Corning, he said.

Green Building Studio is a mashup of various services to help architects build greener buildings. Green Building Studio, Inc.