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A glowing, egg-shaped cure to...stinky feet?

Only in Japan...

I know that girls' feet (and hence, their shoes) are supposed to smell like a combination of fresh-cut lilies and pure spring rain, but mine sure don't, especially when I'm coming back to the apartment after a jog through Manhattan's sticky summer humidity.

So far, I've found no solution to the issue, which concerns me, because I like to keep the health and well-being of my roommates and neighbors in mind. On particularly hot days, sometimes I worry that the smell of my sneakers post-workout might accidentally kill some baby bunnies or kittens, or on the flip side, might act as an aphrodisiac for horny cockroaches. (I know, ewwww.)

Enter the Japanese-import Shoe Pure 100, which looks oddly like those bizarre egg-shaped glowing devices that we saw a trend in a few months back. Two little "arms" on the gadget extend out to hold your problematically-scented shoes; toss them on when you get home from wherever you've been, and in half an hour, the Shoe Pure 100 promises to rid them of all unpleasant aromas by drying out the fresh sweat with warm air.

It's one of those situations in which I'm skeptical that it'd actually work, but considering I've tried every other option, I'm willing to give it a shot.

I don't really understand why it has to glow, too, but maybe that's to show that the magic anti-stink fairy is hard at work, transforming the odor of workout grease and urban sludge into the delightful scent of late-summer roses.

(Via Plastic Bamboo)