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A glove that could save your life

Or at least prolong it, with a fingertip exercise monitor.


Prodded by the aging Boomer population, wearable exercise monitors have themselves boomed in recent years. But the obvious discomfort of wearing a monitor against the chest has pushed manufacturers to devise other scenarios--sometimes as far away from the heart as possible in the body's extremities.

The "Mark of Fitness MF-180" exercise monitor is one such example, keeping track of the body's performance through a fingertip. Not only does it measure the heart rate, Red Ferret says, but its built-in LCD will also display goals, calories burned, and recovery rates. All this was integrating into a glove to keep the technology fixed in one place and avoid the need to carry various gadgets in pockets. It's also touted as being "transmitter free," so you needn't worry that it will go haywire and make you double your treadmill speed when someone turns on the microwave.