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A gadget for kinder, gentler weather

Aqua Climb offers indoor rock climbing for your pool


The country is experiencing record swings in temperature this winter and $1 billion in failed citrus crops due to freezing temperatures in California.

What a great time to think about pool sports.

The AquaClimb is a rock climbing wall for your pool. And who knows, you may not have to wait until summer to use it if temperatures swing back into the 70s, as they did on January 7 in the northeast.

There is no limit to the weight that the wall--a stainless steel frame with fiberglass panels and nonslip coating--can hold, according to the company. AquaClimb's base screws to the deck of a pool with several safety anchors. You pick and choose the colors you want for your wall and construct it from 3x3-foot squares. Babygadget points out that the hand-holds and footholds are also interchangeable and moveable, so the user can maximize an upper-body workout.

AquaClimb prices start at $10,490 and vary depending on size of the wall.

Wall height will depend on the depth of the water below it, for obvious reasons. No one wants little Johnny diving from 8 feet up into 4 feet of water, I am sure.