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A flashlight for self-defense

The military-grade device can blind attackers

Bright-Strike Technologies

If this looks like something that was made for military specifications, there's good reason--it was. But despite the macho appearance, it's not as exciting as an assault-rifle scope or anything. (Unless, that is, you get excited by flashlights, in which case we already have way too much information.)

The waterproof and shockproof "Tactical Blue-Dot" series from Bright-Strike Technologies--the proud manufacturer of "tactical illumination products"--was originally designed for law enforcement. And though it may not be a weapon per se, it can be used as a defensive device: "When set to high, these flashlights emit an extraordinarily brilliant light that can momentarily blind and disorient an attacker," according its product literature.

Now that it's available for public consumption, Shiny Shiny makes note of some important accessories. The flashlight comes with a broad range of holser designs, including pink ones. Just be careful not to break a nail while pummeling an assailant with it.