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A fix for the Glyde's touch screen?

You might be able to fix the Samsung Glyde's glitchy touch screen with a bit of tape.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German
A fix it might be, but unsightly it is PhoneArena.com

PhoneArena has stumbled across a possible fix for the Samsung Glyde's troublesome touch screen. The site is reporting that if you tape the battery into the phone, it will strengthen the electrical connectivity between the battery and the handset, thus providing (as theory goes) a more responsive screen. PhoneArena tried the fix and said it appeared to work well in a couple of areas. Apparently, it was easier to scroll through lists and make menu selections. Yet, a few issues weren't fixed. The PhoneArena team said problems remained with dialing a phone number, scrolling through a Web page, and using the unresponsive Back button. That doesn't sound like much of a fix to us, and the tape doesn't do much for the phone's sex appeal. We'd also be interested to see if the "fix" solves the issues that we experienced with the edges of the touch screen. When we tried selecting items there, the display wouldn't register our choice.