A dream come true: Spider-Man finally returns my calls

Hasbro will have a Spider reminder call sent your way this weekend.

Neha Tiwari Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Neha Tiwari is a CNET News.com associate producer.
Neha Tiwari

When Snakes on a Plane came out, actor Samuel L. Jackson called people to promote the film.

Mr. Potato Head Spider Spud hitting shelves this Saturday Hasbro

Peter Parker, better known as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, will be doing something similar this weekend. If you visit this Hasbro site you (and your friends) can get a call from Spider-Man. Don't expect a long chat with Spidey--the call will unfortunately be automated (I guess I won't be able to discuss the whole Venom conspiracy with him).

Enter your birthday and 10-digit phone number, and you'll get a Spider-reminder to go out and get exclusive Spider-Man 3 merchandise and limited-edition products at your local retailer on March 24. In addition to the call, the site offers product checklists, movie trailers, games and advertisements associated to the upcoming merchandise and movie release.

The line will include a Spider-Man and friends Spider Spud, a Spi-dog and a number of action figures and Web-slinging toys. Expect to see at least one Craver and Spidey aficionado in line at the local Toys "R" Us. Hands off the Spider Spud--he's mine!