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A companion, from Samsung, to you

Samsung's new companion monitor, the LD220G.

A companion monitor, or as I like to call it the Sam Gamgee. Josh P. Miller/CNET

We've seen companion monitors before. In late 2008, Apple released a $900 LED companion monitor it said was geared toward MacBook owners looking for a larger display. Luckily for us--and probably for them--Samsung isn't asking as much.

The Samsung LD220G is a 22-inch, 16:9 monitor with a resolution of 1,920x1080. It's not as sleek or large as the 24-inch Cinema Display, but it costs a lot less at $230 and can be connected, quite conveniently, via USB, using DisplayLink technology.

While this is all great at first as you sip your fancy Earl Grey tea, lying back on your fancy reclining chair, feeling good about yourself, enjoying your DisplayLink-facilitated time in Convenience City, you pop in a 3D game to play through USB and all of a sudden you're forced to relocate.

Anyway, the full review of the Samsung LD220G--with details on its 3D game performance--awaits. Yes, by clicking on the review you'll learn more about the trials and tribulations of the companion monitor. Hmmm, companion. There's definitely a "Firefly" joke in there somewhere.

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