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A car as svelte as the Swiss on slopes

Beck LM 800 subtracts weight from the usual speed

Beck LM 800
Beck LM 800
Berne Beck Engineering & Composits

No, it's not the Beck of Speedster and Spyder fame, and it's definitely not the other Beck.

Berne Beck Engineering & Composits, an up-and-coming Swiss car manufacturer, unveiled a new sports car on Wednesday at the Luxus Motor Show in Vienna, Austria.

The Beck LM 800 really is as svelte as the Swiss on slopes. It only weighs about 1,984 pounds when loaded with a 176-pound driver and full tank of gas, according to the company. That is because lightweight materials like aluminum, magnesium, titanium and Kevlar were used in its construction. The tech components were based on a Formula One racecar, as Gizmag points out.

The custom-order Swiss automobile starts at a steep $600,000 for the base model with a turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 engine.

But, apparently, the money is worth the experience. The Beck LM 800 "imparts a feeling of pure enjoyment of sport from within" when driving it, according to the company. It also said that its designers had the "form follows function" aesthetic in mind when designing the LM 800. Would you expect anything less from the Swiss?

Beck LM 800 up close Berne Beck Engineering & Composits