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A bulletproof 'Luke Cage' defends Harlem in Netflix's new trailer

With crime and chaos descending on the city he calls home, Netflix's next Marvel hero is ready to step up in a new, full-length trailer.

Fans holding out for their next fix of the Marvel Universe can enjoy a longer look at "Luke Cage" this week, with a new trailer for the Netflix series that shows the titular hero stepping into his role as the super-powered protector of Harlem.

Premiering September 30, the series stars Mike Colter, who also played Cage in "Jessica Jones," another Netflix series set in the Marvel Universe. Other familiar faces in the trailer include Frankie Faison ("The Wire") as Pop, Mahershala Ali ("House of Cards") as the kingpin-esque Cornell Stokes, and Rosario Dawson, who reprises her role as Claire Temple, a regular fixture on Netflix's third Marvel series, "Daredevil."

Netflix plans to bring all of its Marvel heroes together -- Cage included -- for "The Defenders," which is set to premiere in 2017.