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A breakthrough in new Surface 2 ad: No dancing

Microsoft releases a TV ad for the Surface 2, claiming this is the one device for everything in your life. Fortunately, the ad excludes tightly choreographed dance.

You can touch and draw. But no dancing.
Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Every time Microsoft releases an ad for the Surface, I wait with eager anticipation.

So do my dancing feet.

They are ready to try whichever highly modern maneuverschildren or business people will attempt with the new device.

For the launch of the Surface 2, all that is left is the dancing music of the original ads, a touch rearranged.

But there is no one grasping the two pieces of the device and clicking it into place, while doing the military two-step.

Instead, there's a procession of scenes that feature features.

It's very explanatory, in a prosaic kind of way. It feels more like a demonstration video at point-of-sale than an ad.

Surface is not just a laptop, nor just a tablet, as the company's new Windows 8.1 admakes clear. Kind of.

Instead, it's an everything gadget.

The ad makes great claims for the thinness and lightness of the new product -- which it is when compared with laptops, but not so much when compared with tablets.

It has touch and draw and allows you to do "real work," as opposed to composing gushy e-mails to Shakira.

Surface also apparently lets you run your favorite apps next to your favorite apps. Perhaps not all your favorite apps next to not all your favorite apps, but let's not be too picky.

Just remember, the tagline tells you, Surface 2 is "the one device for everything in your life."

Except there are two Surface 2s featured here -- the Pro 2 and the Surface 2. People might get a little confused as to which is which, and a little disappointed should their chosen one not have their desired feature.

Naturally, you will make a judgment as to whether one of these meets all your needs.

Here's the thing about judgments: they are often made at an emotional level.

I wonder whether this rather tame effort will grab people's emotions enough to make Surface 2 irresistible.

The dancing ads certainly made the previous incarnation of Surface very resistible indeed.