A BestBuy box for your music-lovin' mama

Regardless of parental status or personal player preferences, you'll still think BestBuy's Apple iPod Nano and Chocolate Gift Set is a nifty Mother's Day present.

I'll be the first to admit that I have, on various occasions, called chocolates passé. But what do I know? Besides, I love chocolate. (Indeed, I'm pretty keen on anything edible.) However, I'm not a mommy--and we all know how I feel about iPods--so I doubt I'll be a recipient of BestBuy's special Apple iPod Nano and Chocolate Gift Set. Regardless of my parental status or personal player preferences, I still think this is a cute gift. After all, it combines two of my favorite things: music and food. If your mom shares my taste, consider picking up the prettily packaged present. Lord knows she deserves it. From the press release:

Satisfies mom's young, hip spirit and musical taste buds:

  • Features a pink or silver 4GB Apple iPod nano, slim enough to fit in mom's pocket, purse, or palm
  • Includes a variety of pink-foiled milk chocolate meltaways
  • Packaged in a mod polka-dot-patterned box inspired by the prism of iPod Nano colors and this spring's hottest accessory: dots!
  • Price: $214.99
  • Available in Best Buy stores beginning May 6, 2007

(The package isn't quite available, so I don't have a link to it yet, but I will link as soon as it goes on sale.)