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A ballpoint pen from the future

It's not high tech, but its weird looks alone make it a gadget as far as we're concerned.

Joon New York

OK, so it's just a pen. And not even a high-tech writing instrument, but a ballpoint one at that. Still, this one's weird enough that we think it qualifies as a gadget just based on its looks alone.

The "Free Ride Pen" by designer Jean Pierre Lepine may look like something that melted in a factory fire, but there's actually a method to the apparent madness of its form. Not only is it ergonomic, Luxist says, but its rubber pads are strategically placed "to cushion the areas where finger meets pen."

Something of an engineering feat, the pen has an "arched hull" that's constructed with hand-drilled screws. Just one small question remains: Where exactly is the button?