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A 97-year-old tech fan gets her wish to visit Google

Olive Horrell has always been fascinated by technology. See what happens when the great grandmother gets to visit Google's Mountain View, California, campus to experience virtual reality for the first time.

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At 97, most of us would probably want to sit back and reflect on the past.

But Olive Horrell only wants to look toward the future. The great grandmother grew up without electricity or radio, when the regular mode of transportation was a horse and buggy.

From a young age, Horrell wanted to be an engineer but was discouraged by her father. Despite this, she has maintained a healthy sense of curiosity and regularly uses her laptop to email loved ones. She even once called tech support so she could fix the computer herself.

Horrell wanted to visit Google to find out how all this technology magic happens. From experiencing virtual reality to riding in the company's self-driving car, Horrell had a VIP tour of Google's Mountain View, California, campus.

Horrell's visit to Google was made possible through her assisted living community Brookdale and the Wish of a Lifetime organization that grants wishes to seniors.