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A $47,000 turntable for Coneheads

The luxury record player looks like a museum piece made of three cones.

Audio Junkies

Now this is the way to go. If you're going to get into this whole game of esoteric turntables, you might as well go all the way--and that's precisely what Montegiro Lusso has done with its latest offering.

The system is made of three cones consisting of aluminum and acrylic layers, giving it the zebra-stripe look. It also has a titanium cartridge, a synchronous motor, and a Da Vinci Nobile carbon-fiber arm, according to Gizmodo. (Speaking of Da Vinci, this may be the most unusual design since we saw the "AAS-Gabriel" museum-worthy turntable last year.)

Now the bad news--the price: $47,000. That's right. But remember, in the world of exotic audio gear, it can always be worse.