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A $3,000 luxury phone for the ladies... say what?

Luxury phone designer Gresso takes on the tragic lack of phones for women with a $3,000 handset described as "romantic" and "delicate."

Gresso Cruiser
Well, at least it's shiny.

The world of luxury gadgets is a strange and twisted realm full of diamonds, gold-plating, dinosaur bones, and questionable taste. Opulence trumps practicality at every turn. But wait, there's more. The luxury phone market has reached a new high (low?) with the Cruiser Titanium White from Gresso.

The $3,000 phone is aimed at a very specific audience: ladies. Much like Bic missed the mark with Bic Pens for Her, so does Gresso with the Cruiser Titanium White.

The Cruister Titanium White is limited to 999 abominations. The description reads, "Feminine handset of Cruiser collection is highlighted by pearl white color. The perfect ensemble of glossy mirror surface and pure snow-white color adds the phone a romantic and delicate touch."

Ah, the romance of Symbian! The delicateness of milling a case from a solid titanium slab! A single craftsman polishes the case for hours, buffing it to a shining whiteness. This really sounds more like a phone that should appeal to guys.

The only difference between this phone and the others in Gresso's Cruiser line is the color. That's like saying the white iPad is for girls only. The white version also clocks in at an extra $500. I guess that's the price of all that vigorous polishing? In the annals of marketing missteps, the Cruiser Titanium White may barely make a ripple, but it's still worth delivering a stern "WTF?" in Gresso's general direction.

Gresso Cruiser close-up
All those little stainless steel buttons are lovingly hand-polished, too. Gresso

(Via Luxury Launches)