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A 16-speaker Ferrari music system

$20,000 stereo for the garage

If we didn't know better (and we don't), we might think that Ferrari was actually trying to overexpose itself. It may not be long before the company comes out with its own fragrance line.

16-speaker music system
EH Publishing

It's one thing to do a laptop and even a nav device that could be mistaken for an Etch-A-Sketch, but the latest instance of branded mania isn't even something you could use on the road.

"Art.Engine" is a $20,000 audio system that bears the Ferrari nameplate across its base. The device looks like an individual tower speaker but is actually an independent system embedded with 16 speakers that Coolest Gadgets describes as "high potency." The system can connect to MP3 players, PCs and other devices, either by cable or wirelessly.

The car connection? Some people apparently want to keep it in their garages, perhaps to soothe their resting Enzos. Now that's the mark of a true Ferrari owner: a $20,000 music system for the garage.