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90-year-old grandma rocks an Oculus Rift VR headset

Forget about generation gaps. One gamer's grandma embraces the world of virtual reality by taking the Oculus Rift for a test drive.

Oculus Rift test
Grandma takes a virtual visit to Tuscany.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Some technologies are ageless. We've been dreaming of virtual-reality worlds for a long time. With gadgets like the Oculus Rift headset, many people are getting their first shot at engaging with a virtual-reality environment. Paul Rivot's grandmother is one of those people.

Rivot posted a video of his grandma trying out the Oculus Rift for the first time using the Tuscany demo. She looks out over the wide landscape and jokes about bringing her swimsuit for a dip in the ocean. "It's so real," she says. "Is it my eyes, or are the leaves blowing in the wind?"

Rivot's grandma isn't the only one who's been blown away by the technology. CNET's Geoffrey Morrison called it "possibly the coolest thing I've seen ever," after trying a demo at CES earlier this year.

Rivot's grandmother added to her impressions of the device in an AMA on Reddit. "Now that I've seen this and done this I wish I could live to be 110 at least," she said.

What can we learn from a 90-year-old grandma trying out a VR headset? It's a good lesson in retaining our sense of technology wonder at a time when everybody is yawning at new devices and looking for killer features. You know what? Some of this stuff we've come up with is pretty darn amazing.