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$9.4 million iPhone 4S is one garish gadget

Start saving your pennies for a $9.4 million Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold. The blinged-out smartphone comes slathered with 500 diamonds and a 24-karat gold back.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold
Don't accidentally drop this phone in the toilet.
Stuart Hughes

Anyone who bought this $2.5 million iPhone should consider upgrading to the latest lavish technology, the iPhone 4S Elite Gold from bling king Stuart Hughes.

Stuart Hughes already dazed the world with an $8 million iPad. The only way to top that was with a $9.4 million iPhone 4S. For that price, Stuart Hughes should be offering an iPhone 5.

Stuart Hughes iPhone chest
And you thought the phone was tacky. Here's the chest it comes in. (Click to enlarge.) Stuart Hughes

This is what you get when you plunk down that chunk of your rock star salary:

  • 500 flawless diamonds in total

  • 53 diamonds on the back Apple logo
  • 24-karat gold back
  • Gold navigation button with 8.6-karat diamond
  • Extra 7.4-karat pink diamond to swap out for the button

All of that excess still won't get you to $9.4 million, so Stuart Hughes took the liberty of creating a solid platinum chest to keep it in. The chest sports polished pieces of tyrannosaurus rex bone, opal, star sunstone, and other gems.

There will only be two of the Elite Gold phones made, so you had better hurry up and get your order in before Donald Trump buys both of them.