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8 ways Redditors turned this surprised Corgi into a star

Thanks to Reddit's Photoshop Battles, this image of a Corgi driving a car just got even funnier.

Browsing through Reddit's Photoshop Battles this morning, I hit on an image I had to bark about.

As you probably know, people post images to Photoshop Battles and Redditors then use their Photoshop skills, and imaginations, to work the photos into other settings and circumstances. I've posted Photoshop Battles before, including the cat in mid-pounce, the dancing guy and one with the "Stranger Things" cast.

Today's original photo of a Corgi "driving" a car is funny on its own:

Reddit user: fitlit5lyf

That expression is amazing! Let's see what Redditors did with it.

In this one you see some serious blending technique to make the dog's face look natural(?) on the bear's body. I'm not sure what made this Redditor think of a bear catching a fish, but I'll take it:

Reddit user: evil-i

Seriously, what made l3gion666 think of " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" in this next one? It doesn't matter. I like how the paw rests perfectly on Johnny Depp's shoulder:

Reddit user: l3gion666

Using " The Fast and the Furious" isn't as much of a stretch. They're both driving, after all:

Reddit user: itsTourched

This one from Redditor Choco-boco is appropriately named "Jurassic Bark":

Reddit user: Choco-boco

The creative kitty selfie made to look like a Snapchat post made me laugh out loud:

Reddit user: lumidox

But then there are the GIFs:

Reddit user: unclegut

That's some GIF game right there. But this next one puts our furry friend in the Star Wars universe. The Corgi blink in the middle makes it 10 times better:

Reddit user: 2Thebreezes

Finally, I don't know if it's my love for the "Price is Right" or the expression that perfectly matches the situation, but this is definitely a favorite:

Reddit user: Dudeski021

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