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8 Things You Need to Bring On Your Spring Break Trip

Don't forget the little things for your big spring break trip. Here are things you can't forget to bring on your vacation.

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As spring break approaches for colleges across the country, many students are making a (packing) list. And let's be real, unlike Santa, they're not checking it twice. For a lot of students, especially freshmen going on their first spring break trip, knowing what to pack for a week away can be tough. Obviously you need at least five Instagram-worthy outfits, but where do you go from there?

After multiple rounds of trial and error, I've finally narrowed down the best items to bring on a spring break trip. You don't want to bring your most expensive, prized possessions because there's a high likelihood that those items will get damaged or lost (especially if you're partying on a beach). Here are my top recommendations for what to pack for your spring break trip.


A portable speaker is an absolute necessity for every type of spring break trip. Whether you're going skiing, tanning or having a staycation, a speaker livens up every party. As I mentioned, you don't want to bring your most expensive items on your trip, so leave that $300 speaker at home and pick up this $40 JBL Go 3 portable speaker. I love this speaker because it easily clips onto any bag and takes up little space. You're not going to get the same booming sound you'd get from a larger speaker, but it still has solid sound quality. Right now the speaker is $40 on Amazon, but it goes as low as $25. 

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This one is a given. Don't stress over a dead phone while you're out. The iWalk portable charger charges your phone in a blink of an eye. The charger has a long battery life and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

$26 at Amazon
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If you're heading out to a tropical destination, you'll need a sunscreen as strong as the sun you'll be bathing under. Supergoop's Glowscreen is my favorite sunscreen to date. I love how the sunscreen acts as a two-in-oneby being both a primer and a sunscreen with a SPF of 40. 

$38 at Amazon
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Partied a little too hard? Don't suffer the next morning. Avoid a horrible hangover by adding a Liquid IV packet to your water before, after or even while you're drinking. Liquid IV offers a variety of flavors guaranteed to boost your electrolytes and help you survive the week.

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This may seem like something your parents would only think of bringing on a vacation, but trust me, a backpack cooler is a lifesaver. Skip having to spend an unnecessary amount of money on drinks at the beach by packing all the drinks you'll need for the day in a backpack cooler. Sure, you can always bring a regular cooler, but I've found that a backpack cooler is the most convenient way of carrying your drinks so you can carry other items in your hands.

$37 at Amazon
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For those preparing a beach vacation, you can't forget the most basic necessity: a beach towel. One of the biggest issues about packing a towel is the amount of space it can take up in your bag. The Tesalate Beach Towel easily rolls up to fit in your bag and is ultra-absorbent. Plus the towel is rapid-drying, so there's no need to hang it out to dry for hours. 


Well, maybe this isn't a necessity, but it absolutely adds to every trip. Digital cameras have come back in style lately, and they're the perfect way to capture memories in the moment. Whether you're running low on storage on your phone or just want another way to take cool photos, a digital camera is great for every trip. I also love bringing a disposable camera for more retro looking photos. 

$50 at Amazon
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If you want instant photos to share with friends, a polaroid camera makes for a fun addition to your packing list. Polaroid photos are some of the best souvenirs you can give. 

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