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Late Oscar-winning composer James Horner honored in 8-bit tribute

CineFix puts together a touching tribute to James Horner, the late composer behind such blockbuster films as "Titanic," "Aliens" and "Avatar," in its customary retro gaming style.

You may not have heard the name James Horner, but you've definitely heard his music.

The legendary Oscar-winning composer, conductor and orchestrator is responsible for the music behind sci-fi and fantasy classics like "Aliens" and "Avatar," as well as box office hits like "Titanic" and "Apollo 13," among countless others. Sadly, Horner died in a plane crash on June 22 at the age of 61.

Many tributes to Horner poured in shortly after his death, and on Tuesday, Cinefix -- the folks behind the "8-Bit Cinema" series that reimagines movies as vintage video games, released a Nintendo Entertainment System-style tribute to Horner on the company's YouTube channel. The clip takes a look at some of Horner's memorable movies like "Glory" and "Braveheart," with a retro take on some of his classic songs.

Watch the tribute clip in its entirety above, and if you'd like to revisit some of Horner's incredible work, watch one of his movies. There certainly are a lot to choose from.