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6Rounds (now just Rounds) comes to Facebook

Video chat service 6Rounds has a new name, and a new Facebook app that puts its technology inside of Facebook and lets friends talk with one another face to face.

Rounds logo

Video chat service 6Rounds is getting a new name, and will now go by just "Rounds." Along with the new moniker, the company is launching a Facebook app that brings the entirety of its video chat service to Facebook users.

As with Rounds.com and the company's API on third-party applications, users of the Rounds Facebook app can start a video conversation without downloading extra software or browser plug-ins. Included is the built-in co-browsing technology like the two-person Google Maps and YouTube video viewer, and a number of games that can be played by both users at the same time.

On top of those basic features is a new, Facebook-specific feature that lets users co-browse Facebook profiles. Only one of the participants needs to be logged in to their Facebook account and be friends with the user being browsed. Then, he/she and the other user can look at the other person's profile and photos within the Rounds interface. The app can also take photo stills from the video stream, and post them to a user's wall--turning it into a photo booth of sorts.

A shot of Rounds in action on Facebook.
Rounds' workaround for viewing Facebook content behind certain privacy walls is to effectively share the screen of one of its users who has access to that particular Facebook profile. Rounds

Rounds' video conference technology has been around since 2008, and was offered as one of the first extensions with the launch of the soon-to-be-defunct Google Wave's extension gallery.