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6 Awesome Gifts for Fast Food Lovers

Here's what to get fans of Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and more.

A fast food chain may not be the first place you turn to for a holiday gift. But some do offer fun or useful items that a person on your list might appreciate. 

I poked around the internet to find fast food merch that seemed the most giftable. The items below range from hats to bags to plushes from much-loved chains like Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger. You may know the perfect person for one of these themed presents.

This beanie offers a subtle, stylish way to communicate your Taco Bell obsession. It's mostly black with multicolored neon flames and a small blue logo. If you're all set on winter headgear, Taco Bell also offers wearable items like this hot sauce packet onesie and hip-looking hoodie

Who is Cane III? The photogenic pup is none other than the official mascot of fast-food chain Raising Canes Chicken Fingers. On an Instagram account with close to 40,000 followers, the yellow lab models merch and indulges in some of the chain's menu items. This 20-inch pillow would make a doggone good gift. Plus, it's just $16. 

When you drive by a Krispy Kreme and see a hot light, it means the location is making fresh, hot doughnuts, according to the brand's website. Taking after that well-known signal, this 15-ounce mug changes color when you pour hot liquid into it. This could make a fun gift for a coffee drinker or doughnut connoisseur. 

I've got to hand it to these bovines, this is an effective way to spread their anti-burger message far and wide. It's $25 for a pack of 5 cows, and if you pay $10 more, you can update to a bigger haul of 10 cows. 

This unconventional outfit allows you to stay cozy while chowing down on a burger or honey butter chicken biscuit. A bold print leaves no question as to your choice of fast food establishment. It also comes in burnt orange.

A burger-loving friend or family member could probably get some use out of this this faux leather duffel. The bag is white and red with large zippered pockets and a removable shoulder strap. It's perfect for weekend trips and other occasions that necessitate a cool duffel bag.