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$50,000 tent hangs in tree like a cocoon

Neiman Marcus sells a pricey tent that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Neiman Marcus

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus sells this wacky $50,000 tent that hangs in a tree. No joke. I thought the only thing you hung in a tree when you were camping was the "bear bag" of food so that Yogi and Boo-boo couldn't get into your pic-a-nic basket.

Apparently not. The "Treetent," designed by Dutch designer Dre Wapenaar, looks kind of like something out of Sleeper, and did I mention it hangs in a tree and costs $50,000? It also comes with a 9-foot-diameter wooden floor (um, OK) and a "groovy round mattress" that sleeps two adults.

Mr. Wapenaar, Crave has a few questions for you.

One, how are you supposed to get the tent into the tree?

Two, how do you get into the tent once it's in the tree?

And three, how the heck are you supposed to, um, partake in activities that may shake the tent up a bit? Will you fall out of the tree? Come on, dude, if you say it "sleeps two adults" and mention a "groovy round mattress," you have to keep that in mind.

(Via Uncrate)