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5 Chrome extensions for YouTube addicts

Spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos? Check out these five extensions that will make your viewing experience more pleasant.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

It's easy to get caught up in a personally curated YouTube video marathon. From a "G.I. Joe" PSA to sad cat diaries, there's no shortage of funny things to watch. Here's a collection of Chrome extensions that can do things like automatically crank up the quality of YouTube videos, or even pause them when you switch tabs.

AutoHD for YouTube
YouTube has a setting that will choose the best quality for your connection and player size. The HD option can be forced to turn on for full screen, but doesn't apply to all regular-size videos. So instead of having to click the icon each time you open a video, try this extension that will shows videos only in 720p or 1080p, when available.

Turn Off the Lights
When watching YouTube videos in anything but full screen, it can be hard to focus on actual video because of the related videos and ads that plague YouTube pages. This extension will dim out all the other junk and nicely frame the video you're watching, keeping your eyes from being so easily distracted.

YouTube Smart Pause
This extension is a must have for anyone who uses YouTube to do research. Instead of you having to pause the video each time you want to make a note or look something up, the extension will do it for you automatically.

YouTube Lyrics by Rob W
If watching music videos is your thing, this extension is for you. Lyrics will display off to the right so they don't block your view. Really great for people who want to learn the songs for karaoke contests.

Can't get enough of a song or comedy skit? The YouTurn extension will put it on repeat for you. Now you can just leave the tab open and enjoy hearing the same thing over and over.

Have another extension that you use to make your YouTube experience better? Share it with us in the comments!