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4G and cheap gadgets: Review of the year in Podcast 369

From the 4G auction and high street massacre that began the year to the console wars and cheap gadgets, it's our review of 2013!

What a year that was! For the final time in 2013, the CNET UK podcast team assembles in our London studio to cast an eye over the last twelve months -- the highs, the lows, the glorious gadgets and the terrible technology.

From the 4G auction and the high street disaster that began the year to the console wars and the privacy controversy that closed it, 2013 had loads to offer in technology terms.

In these times of austerity cheap tech led the way, from the Now TV Box and the Tesco Hudl to the Motorola Moto G. Gravity was great but The Internship gave Google a bad name. Netflix gave us a hint of the future of telly while Jay-Z, Björk and Beyoncé did the same for music.

We finally got to see the cheap iPhone, the new generation of smart watches, and the Facebook phone -- and they were rubbish. Some kids ran up app bills in the thousands of quids, and a dude spent hundreds buying an Xbox that turned out to be just a photo. Oh, and some bright spark invented a way to 3D print a gun.

Samsung went from strength to strength as BlackBerry failed to do anything right, Microsoft snapped up Nokia, and we all started to get very worried about HTC

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