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49 speakers, $30,000

Couple floods 7,500-square-foot home with sound

Sonance Virtuoso speakers flood the great room
EH Publishing

What would it take to flood sound into every inch of a 7,500-square-foot home? Try 49 speakers and $30,000.

That's how Marge and Chuck Dushek did it with their Midwestern home, where "even the steam shower and walk-in closet have their own speakers," according to Electronic House. "There are absolutely no dead zones in this house," Ken Walker of Sound Design Systems says.

Top-grade Sonance speakers were built into walls and ceilings of the great room, master bedroom and an area adjacent to the kitchen. Alas, compromises had to be made in the rest of the house to meet their budget (they had a budget?), so lower-end speakers from Sonance and Elan were used in the rest of the home. Most of the equipment is hidden in the basement, all controlled by an Elan System 6 "whole-house" audio system.

The only thing it needs is a home theater in a pool like the one we mentioned yesterday installed in a Wisconsin home. What is it about the Midwest these days, anyway?