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$44,000 gold-plated Segwheel is luxuriously unnecessary

Put some bling between your feet with a self-balancing electric Segwheel covered in the shiniest gold imaginable.

Gold-plated Segwheel
The blingiest uniwheel ever made. Goldgenie

Let's get this over with right away: You don't need a 24-karat gold-plated Segwheel electric uniwheel personal transportation device. Nobody needs one. If you buy one from Goldgenie, it's simply because you have money to spare and you want people to notice you zipping around on a shimmering uniwheel like the high-rolling bling-master you are.

The shiny self-balancing Segwheel uses a gyroscope system for balance. It's electric and rechargeable. It can zip along at up to 11 mph (18 kph). But who cares? What matters here is how the gold plating catches the light, reflects your surroundings and draws all eyes to you. Don't worry about getting it dirty. Your butler can polish it up when you get home.

UK company Goldgenie has turned its starry eyes on many a piece of technology, taking dull iPhones and bedazzling them with precious metals and diamonds. The gold Segwheel is a nice alternative to the company's $400,000 British racing bicycle. It also spares you the physical effort of having to move your mode of transportation under your own power.

The luxury version of the Segwheel will suck about $44,000 (£28,000, AU$57,000) from your bank account. That's a lot less than you already pay your chauffeur to ferry you around in your Bentley. Plus, you'll be able to get from the car to your destination in eye-catching style.

(Via Luxury Launches)