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4/20 Deals and Discounts for the Dopest Day of the Year

On the holiest high day, these restaurant chains are helping blazers satisfy the munchies.

Slices of cakes with cannabis-leaf decorations.
April 20, aka 4/20, has long been viewed as a day of celebration by pot smokers.
Anusak Laowilas/Getty Images

How the number 420 became so closely associated with marijuana is shrouded in smoky legends. A prevailing theory is that, in the early 1970s, high schoolers in San Rafael, California, would meet at 4:20 p.m. to blaze up near a statue of legendary French chemist Louis Pasteur. 

In the intervening decades, April 20 -- aka 4/20 -- has become a high holy day, a time for enthusiasts to bask in their love of ganja, and also hold demonstrations calling for cannabis decriminalization.

Now that marijuana is legal to some extent in 37 states, much of the stigma around weed has gone up in smoke. And brands are eager to get in on the high times. Cola company Jones Soda is launching a line of cannabis-infused sodas, syrups and gummies under the brand name Mary Jones.

Even restaurant chains that don't openly partake are celebrating 4/20. Here's a roundup of deals, discounts and more that may help you sate your munchies.

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A selection of Beatnic side orders

Vegan chain Beatnic is offering its meat-free sides for $4.20.


The vegan cafe formerly known as By Chloe is offering a selection of sides for $4.20, including its Buffalo Cauli Poppers, Balsamic Roasted Brussels, Air Baked Fries, Mac 'n' Cheeze and Chicky Chicky Tenders.

And with Earth Day on April 22, Beatnic is also hosting a Love Your Mother Earth Challenge all month long. According to the company, a vegetarian diet produces 2.5 times fewer carbon emissions compared with a meat diet. So diners who order four Beatnic meals in April get a fifth one free. (And for every person who completes the challenge, Beatnic will plant one tree.) 

Both deals are available at all 10 Beatnic locations, in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

Cheba Hut

A Cheba Hut toasted sub with a "420' frisbee

On April 20, Cheba's toasted subs come with a commemorative 4/20 frisbee.

Cheba Hut

Given that Cheba Hut's whole concept is weed-inspired, it'd be a mega-bummer if it didn't have a deal on this special day. For $4.20, you can order any Nug (Cheba's signature toasted sub sandwiches) and it'll come on a commemorative "420/2022" frisbee. 

In addition, the first 100 guests at each of Cheba Hut's 43 locations on April 20 will get a free leaf grinder and the chance to win prizes like free food for a year.

Del Taco

Del Taco chicken rollers

Del Taco's dealing five Chicken Cheddar Rollers for just $4.20.

Del Taco

Today only, Del Yeah! Rewards members can get five of Del Taco's new Chicken Cheddar Rollers for just $4.20. These mini-burritos come with marinated chicken and cheddar cheese and a choice of ranch, chipotle or tangy green sauce.

DK's Donuts

A bottle of STōK cold brew coffee and a box of DK's Donuts

DK's Donuts' online Awake & Bake giveaway includes coupons for free Stōk cold brew coffee and a dozen coffee-flavored donuts.

DK's Donuts

The LA-based donut empire reminds us that 4/20 is also National Cold Brew Day with an Awake & Bake special featuring a free bottle of Stōk's cold brew and a coffee-infused donut for the first 420 customers at the bakery's Santa Monica Boulevard storefront, starting at 4:20 a.m. on April 20. 

If you're not in the area, the first 100 visitors to the DK website can also snag two coupons for a free bottle of Stōk cold brew and a dozen Stōk-infused donuts. 

Varieties include the Midnight Stōker, a chocolate donut with a Stōk Cold Brew glaze and white chocolate crisps, and the Java Joint, a raised donut with Stōk frosting, coffee beans and cinnamon crumbles.


White Castle food with Grubhub logo

Delivery app Grubhub is offering $4.20 off orders from Popeyes, White Castle, Jack in the Box and other participating restaurant chains.

You can also get $5 off any Grubhub Goods order of $15 or more at convenience and grocery stores, to satisfy your snack cravings when the munchies hit.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Pineapple Express shake

A Jack in the Box Pineapple Express shake.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has launched the Pineapple Express Shake, named after the iconic strain of cannabis. A classic vanilla shake blended with pineapple flavor and topped with whipped cream and a cherry, it's available all April long. But today it's just $4.20. 

And since Jack loves "trees" as much as you do, for every purchase of this new shake via a third-party delivery app, the chain will donate $1 to plant trees. 

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns subs

Jimmy Johns is discounting its subs based on how high you are -- elevation-wise.

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns is celebrating 4/20 with the highest people in America. Don't get too excited, though: We're talking altitude, not inebriation. On April 20, the Jimmy John's website will grant customers a discount based on their elevation. Enter your location to find out if you're "Not So High," "Kinda High" or "Highest" and get up to 20% off your meal order on April 20.

The cannabis carnival kicks off Wednesday in Leadville, Colorado -- at more than 10,200 feet above sea level, the self-described highest city in the US -- with free sandwiches, gift cards and limited edition "4/20 x Leadville" merchandise being given away in the town center.

Native Foods

Native Foods Lunchwrap Supreme

Native Foods is offering its vegan Munchwrap and a pot-free brownie on 4/20.

Native Foods

On 4/20, customers at the vegan quick-serve eatery can order Native Foods' Munchwrap Supreme Combo: a meat-free spin on Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme that's filled with plant-based taco meat, avocado, plant-based cheese, salsa fresca, lettuce and chipotle sauce. It comes with a (nonmagical) brownie for dessert.

The combo is available only on April 20 at Native Foods' 13 restaurants in California, Colorado, Illinois and Oregon.


A screenshot of the Slice pizza app

Slice is giving $5 off pizza orders of $20 or more this week.


Craving a pie? The Slice app, which connects you with pizza joints in your hood, is celebrating 4/20 with $5 off for first-time users. Just use promo code MUNCHIES with an order of $20 or more, through April 24.


a Smashburger burger

Get a quartet of burgers for a Jackson at Smashburger today.


Smashburger is celebrating 4/20 with four burgers for $20. Today only, order in-store at participating locations or via the Smashburger website or app, using offer code "420" at checkout.

The deal is only good on beef patties, not brisket, chicken, turkey and black bean burgers.

 TGI Fridays

TGIFriday's Blaze and Glaze sliders

On April 20, you can order TGI Fridays Blaze and Glaze bundle via Uber Eats.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays doesn't want you driving under the influence, so its Blazed and Glazed bundle is available to order only via Uber Eats. It comes with three chicken slammers -- chicken tender sliders marinated in a whiskey glaze with a spicy aioli sauce and sesame seasoning -- along with an order of seasoned fries loaded with queso, cheese, bacon and green onions.

The Blazed & Glazed bundle is available through May 4, but if you order on April 20, you also get $4 off any $20 TGI Fridays purchase.

Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza's Topperstix

On Worldwide Topperstix Day, a triple order is half off.


April 20 is Worldwide Topperstix Day at Toppers Pizza, with 50% off any order of 24 original style topperstix. For an extra $1 you can select from its host of breadsticks, which come in a variety of flavors, from nacho (ground beef, pepper jack cheese and jalapenos) to birthday cake (cinnamon, sprinkles and cream-cheese frosting).

Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco's 420 Blazin' taco

Velvet Taco's 420 Blazin', a flour tortilla stuffed with chicken tenders, mac and cheese, Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Fruity Pebbles.  

Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco has 32 locations in Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Through April 26, their Weekly Taco Feature (WTF) will be the 420 Blazin', a flour tortilla stuffed with chicken tenders, mac and cheese, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Fruity Pebbles and a red chili aioli. 

You can get all that goodness for just $4.20.


Wingstop's Blazed and Glazed chicken wings.

Wingstop's Blazed & Glazed chicken wings.


The Garland, Texas-based wing emporium has whipped up a special 4/20-inspired flavor. Available now through April 22, Blazed & Glazed contains a blend of hemp seeds, strawberry, cayenne pepper and terpenes, those compounds that make plants smell funky. (There are lots of terpenes in cannabis, though these wings won't get you high.)

Wingstop's Blazed & Glazed flavor is available while supplies last at its 900 locations nationwide and on the Wingstop website and app. You can also meet up with the Wingstop food truck at Hippie Hill on the eastern end of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Ben & Jerry's

A sign reading "Legalization without justice is half baked"

Ben & Jerry's is using April 20 to fight for marijuana legalization and criminal justice reform.

Ben & Jerry's

The socially conscious ice cream wizards aren't dropping free treats on 4/20, they're dropping knowledge -- about how cannabis legalization has benefited white people over communities of color.

"If you love cannabis AND you're white, everything is totally awesome these days. It's fun -- and lucrative," reads a release on the B&J's website

Only 19% of cannabis business owners are racial minorities, the company says, adding that Black people are arrested on marijuana-related charges at four times the rate of whites, even though both groups partake at similar rates.

"We love 4/20 and we love legalization, but we don't love systematic racism, and that's exactly what this is," Ben & Jerry's said.

A link on the Ben & Jerry's site invites visitors to call on the Senate to pass the MORE Act, which would legalize cannabis on the federal level, expunge the records of nonviolent offenders and fund social and criminal justice programs in communities most impacted by overpolicing.

The legislation passed in the House in April with bipartisan backing. But it faces a tougher road in the Senate, where it'll need the support of all 50 Democrats and 10 Republicans.