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To get 4 million views in one day, pick up your friend and drop her

Technically Incorrect: A video of a former gymnast lifting her friend and then dropping her enchants the world.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


The friend looks happy now. Wait a few seconds.

RespectMyAuth/Imgur screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Every day, brands, stars and slackers torture themselves as they seek the one great idea that will go viral.

Perhaps they should focus on the torture part.

This, at least, seems to be the evidence of a very simple video that has captivated hearts and minds this week.

Posted to Imgur, it shows actor and former gymnast Maddy Curley practicing deadlifts.

Why on earth would someone watch this, you might ask?

Well, to begin with, she's lifting a friend who's doing her very best to play dead.

The payoff, however, comes once the lift is completed. Curley is so overjoyed at her feat that she drops her friend -- the way a weightlifter might drop the bar -- apparently forgetting she's just cast a real human being to the floor.

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It takes a few seconds for her to realize what she's done.

Then her remorse is so genuine that it's likely behind millions of melted hearts; the video has been shared by more than 4 million people in 24 hours.

I'm not suggesting for a moment that you should try this at home. Nor at the office. Nor in your school playground.

Even if you did, the shtick has been done. You'd be a mere copycat. Copycats never prosper. Ask Apple and Samsung.

One thing I feel sure of, however, is that those who created the video never thought it would capture so many eyeballs so very quickly.

We're increasingly surrounded by algorithms that define our behavior and predict it. When it comes to entertainment, these algorithms know as much as Hollywood producers about what people will love.