4-foot snake bites man engrossed in cell phone

Technically Incorrect: An Oklahoma man is walking and staring down at his phone. He doesn't notice a long snake just lying there. He steps on it.

Chris Matyszczyk

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

And then the DJ jumped. KOCO5 News screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Is there anyone left who hasn't walked down the street while staring down at their phone?

Certainly not in New York. Certainly not in San Francisco. But what about Oklahoma? Perhaps they're different there. All my Oklahoman friends are.

Sadly, I present some footage that might suggest otherwise. Courtesy of a surveillance camera outside an O.K. Skateland, we see a man approaching the front door. He is staring down at his phone.

He appears to step on something and then leap. This is because he hasn't stepped on something. He's stepped on someone -- a four-foot snake that didn't appreciate being trodden on by a lumbering human.

As KOCO5 News reports, Tim Malone was the DJ at a kids' birthday party in the O.K. Skateland. He was walking toward his gig when he got snakebit.

"Adrenaline took over," he told KOCO5. It probably did for the snake too. It was identified as a bull snake, which is not one of the poisonous kind.

Malone said he didn't have hard feelings toward the snake and in fact released it to safer ground.

It's unclear whether the snake had hard feelings toward Malone. And for those of you wondering whether his phone was iPhone or Android, KOCO5 reported that it was the latter.