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3D-printed pizza: Here's what it looks like

Feast your eyes on a 3D-printed pizza from Natural Machines. Would you take a bite?

Natural Machines printed pizza
The finished product looks surprisingly appetizing.
Natural Machines

I'm guessing you usually make or order a pizza like the cavemen used to do it. That's so yesterday. Start-up company Natural Machines is now tempting our tummies with a 3D-printed pizza made using its working prototype Foodini food printer.

Natural Machines shared a four-step photo collage of the pizza being made. It starts with the Foodini piping dough down in a tight spiral. This phase of the process isn't exactly tummy-rumbling due to the less-than-attractive look of the dough. The next step involves a spiral of bright red sauce.

The cheese and oregano are applied by hand. The resulting cooked pizza really does look good enough to grab it off the screen and take a bite. "So much easier than doing it by hand!" the company says.

This goes to show how 3D printing of food is moving along as a viable technology. Pizzas, in particular, are good candidates for this treatment based on their layer construction. The Foodini is still under development, and there's no word on when it might be available for purchase.

This demonstration brings me one glorious step closer to a food replicator that lets me say, "Pizza, red sauce, hot," and delivers a piping hot deep dish to my waiting plate.

Foodini printer
Here's the Foodini 3D food printer concept. Natural Machines

(Via Geekologie)