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3D-printed earring baskets catch your falling AirPods

3D-print away fear of losing your pricey Apple AirPods with a pair of earrings that act like little catcher's mitts.

Catch your AirPods in these wearable 3D-printed baskets.

Since they were announced, Apple's wireless AirPods earphones have been the subject of concern, as well jokes. Most of this stems from worries over how easy it could be to lose the expensive and untethered gadgets.

So how do you wear AirPods and maintain your peace of mind? You could get a leash. Or you could be truly innovative and print out jewelry that will catch falling AirPods.

Air'rings earrings come from 3D printer specialists M3D. They're artful little baskets that dangle from your ears on the ready to capture your earphones should they try to escape. M3D posted the design, which anyone can download from 3D community Thingiverse, under the name M3D Twisty Earbud Catcher.

How practical are Air'rings really? You'll have to hope your AirPods fall out at just the right angle to be snagged by the earrings. Otherwise, they'll miss the basket and, well, who knows?

You could also modify the design by making the baskets so big the AirPods couldn't possibly miss. That, of course, would be a bold and glorious fashion statement.

Be sure to send me photos if you do.