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3D-printed baby fetus is more impressive than an ultrasound

Forget bronzed baby shoes. Pass on posting your ultrasound on Facebook. The new ultimate piece of baby memorabilia is a 3D-printed fetus keepsake.

3D-printed fetus
Maybe you could wear it as a pendant.

Congratulations, you're expecting! Now, how about turning that great news into something that will fit on a keychain.

3D-printed fetus in box
It comes in this attractive gift box. (Click to enlarge.) Fasotec

Japanese company Fasotec will make a miniature 3D replica of your fetus and hand it off to you in a lovely jewelry box for about $1,280.

Fasotec calls the custom product "Shape of the Angel," an optimistic view that precedes the reality of the tantrums and eventual teenage angst you'll have to contend with as a parent.

Of course, you can't just pop down to the local 7-Eleven and pick one of these up. You'll have to fly to Japan and drop in at the Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Tokyo for an MRI. That MRI image will then become the model for your resin fetus collectible.

White resin replicates the shape and position of your baby and clear resin represents the womb. The whole thing is about 3.5 inches tall.

If you thought baby stories were embarrassing, just wait til mom and dad whip out your fetus model to show your date when he comes to pick you up for prom.

(Via New Launches)