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3D desktops

Facebook simplifies its events feature, an impressive record is set for Bejeweled, Google buys a 3D desktop software maker called Bump.

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It is high time I started blogging about Loaded content because goodness knows I have more to say about the day's tech news than I can fit into a 4-minute show. So here goes. I'm going to try to do these daily so that you can click the links that are pertinent to the stories that I discuss and ring in with your own comments, if you see fit. 

The most recent news in today's show is the Google acquisition of Bump Technologies. A 3D desktop? Will we really be able to change our behaviors to navigate a desktop like this? The aforementioned video compares "real workspaces" to "virtual workspaces" as if real stacks of paper is a preferable way to work. I'm not sure I agree. I am all for the notion of a third dimension of stacking information but I don't really think virtual stacks of action items is the best sell for this. Most likely we will see this in Google's upcoming Chrome operating system. By the way, when will we see Google's upcoming Chrome operating system? 

Speaking of things we have been anticipating, I'm disappointed that the Microsoft Courier and HP Slate are not to be. I was looking forward to both tablet PCs if, for no other reason, because I like to see competitors to run-away successes like the iPad. I also thought that the leaked Courier video had some compelling features that I thought would really change the way we schedule, note take, and annotate our digital lives. Is it naive to think that something better is in the works? Maybe Microsoft has decided not to launch something that is two steps behind the iPad but instead wait until they have something that is two steps ahead? (Wishful thinking.) 

As for Facebook, events are now easier to facilitate, meaning we may never have to use Evite again. As much as I grow weary of spending time inside of the Facebook microcosm, we just can't escape it. Maybe now I'll actually remember the events that I RSVP to in Facebook. 

Here is some more information about the Logitech Vid HD calling service. I like the idea of it but please Logitech, use an open-Web login standard because if I need a new account and bulky downloadable software program like Skype, I'm not in. Here is another good spot for a Facebook login, as much as I hate to admit it.

In other news we discuss in Loaded today: 

Apple gets ready to shut down Lala

Google Chrome now sends your geolocation by default

A VERY DEDICATED man beats Bejeweled 2

And here are some stories that did not make the final cut for today's show but you might find interesting: 

James Cameron is now responsible for getting a 3D camera on the next Mars Rover

A way-too-expensive attachment for your Webcam will keep your eyes focused on your video chat caller

And Twitter's official Android app is definitely newsworthy but the news was a little too old for today's show.