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Watch as a giant colosseum of dominoes gets demolished

YouTuber Hevesh5 spends four days setting up a colorful 3D structure using thousands of dominoes; then she topples them dramatically.

Patience is a virtue. Those of us who've tried and failed and tried again to set up an intricate domino run know that firsthand.

For YouTuber and talented domino artist Hevesh5, creating an elaborate domino show is not just about a steady hand, but also a creative mind.

In a video posted Saturday, Hevesh5 shows step-by-step how a multilayered 3D colosseum of thousands of dominoes was set up, and how it fell down in a mesmerizing moment.

"This massive 11,000 domino colosseum is the biggest 3D domino structure I have ever built," Hevesh5 says on the video page. "Four days to build, but less than 10 seconds to topple."

Previously, Hevesh5 created a colorful triple spiral of 15,000 dominoes, an impressive tower with 241 layers using 3,242 dominoes, a glow-in-the-dark domino display and even a domino tribute to Dr. Seuss.