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3D, 4G and iPhone 5 in all-new podcast 302

Welcome to a brand-new podcast for your listening pleasure, full of new features to massage your gadget nodes with aural gizmology.

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change, Confucius said. Here at CNET Towers we're neither, so we're embracing change and unveiling a brand-new podcast for your listening pleasure, packed with new features to massage your gadget nodes with aural gizmology.

Our first new feature is called It's the Future. We take a look at the technology that's going to change the way we live, work and wear underpants in coming years, and explain why it's so important. We kick off with 4G, as Rich reveals why it's going to bring us more than just faster phones.

And we turn to the technology we're less keen on in another new feature called Move to Trash. Plus we've rejigged the Crave section of the podcast to better reflect what this 'ere Crave blog is all about, which is the latest news about the coolest kit of the moment. 

As always we turn to you, dear listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. Among the questions asked this week: is YouView worth it? Are wrist computers or Google Glass high-tech spectacles any cop? Where can you get a Nexus 7?

Remember, whether you're looking for help and advice with your newest or oldest gadgets, you have something to say on the tech issues of the day, or you want to give us a big cheery thumbs-up on the shiny new podcast, then leave us a comment below or blow off steam on our Facebook page -- it's peopled by like-minded gadget geeks and stuffed full of behind-the-scenes glimpses at CNET Towers.

We hope you like the minty-fresh new CNET UK podcast! To listen, simply press play above or bounce on over to the iTunes Store and search for CNET UK. Click on Subscribe Free and enjoy -- and don't forget to tell your friends too on Facebook and Twitter, y'know, if you want.

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