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360 lens for iPhone 4 looks around for funding

The folks at EyeSee360 have posted their GoPano Micro 360-degree lens for the iPhone 4 to, a site that helps raise money to fund projects.

Occasionally we post interesting projects that appear on, a crowdsourced angel investor site that can help folks raise money to produce products that are in various stages of development (some projects get funded, some don't).

EyeSee360, the small company behind the GoPano Micro 360-degree lens for the iPhone 4, already produces a larger version for cameras and camcorders called the GoPano Plus ($699). But it's trying to raise money to commercially produce the Micro, which allows you to capture 360-degree videos with your iPhone 4.

Worth funding? That's for you to judge, but so far the GoPano looks like a winner. We just hope it doesn't end up costing more than the iPhone.

Source: via 9to5Mac