$300 Wal-Mart laptop: For sale online as part of $448 bundle

The Compaq CQ50-139WM laptop is for sale on but only as part of a bundle that includes laptop bag and mouse.

Because of real (the number of searches on CNET) and perceived (that whoosh sound you hear is trillions of dollars leaving our economy) interest in the cheap $300 Wal-Mart laptop, I set out at the start of the week to see if I could find the Compaq CQ50-139WM. I wondered whether supplies were so limited that the laptop sold out during its one-day sale last Saturday, or how much it'd cost me if there were still units to be had this week. With some help, I found that some Wal-Mart stores had the Compaq CQ50-139WM in stock for a post-sale price of $398 (it wasn't for sale online). CNET copy editor Daren Darrow found it at the Henryetta, OK store, and CNET readers e-mailed me to say they found it in Glenwood Springs, CO; Athens, GA; and Oklahoma City, OK.

This morning, a CNET reader e-mailed me to say the Compaq CQ50-139WM is for sale on Wal-Mart's site, but only as part of a $448 bundle that includes a laptop bag and optical mouse. At this price, however, the single-core Celeron-based Compaq CQ50-139WM is creeping up in price to the point that it's not much less than a low-end dual-core laptop, like the $499 Acer Aspire 5735-4624 (though it looks like this model has quickly sold out at Best Buy) or the HP G60-125nr, which is currently discounted to $549.


(Thanks, Danny)