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30 women in brawl over Facebook post, police say

A woman is allegedly upset when she espies a saucy post on her husband's Facebook's account from another woman. The alleged consequence is a 30-woman brawl... with baseball bats.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We seem to be getting more upset about what we see on Facebook than what we see in real life.

How else to explain events in Sacramento, Calif., that allegedly led to a 30-woman brawl resulting in two serious injuries and featuring at least a couple of baseball bats? (The two facts might be related.)

Officer Michele Gigante of the Sacramento Police told the Huffington Post that the spat seemed to have been spurred by a post on one man's Facebook page.

His wife allegedly wasn't fond of its salacious nature, which seems to have led to a multi-woman showdown.

Police claim that Facebook played a further unwitting role: some participants allegedly used it to organize the fight.

The participants looked "angry and out of breath," according to one eyewitness.

In some perhaps parallel universe, one imagines that things like this never used to happen. But of course they did.

They just didn't benefit from the megaphone and fine organizational possibilities offered to the breathlessly angry by Facebook's mere existence.