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See animated bunnies re-enact 'Blade Runner'

After 10 years and 87 re-enacted movies, 30-Second Bunnies Theatre says so long with a swan song of "Blade Runner."

"Blade Runner" quickly retold by cartoon bunnies makes us long for Replicant rabbits. Angry Alien Productions

Over the last decade, 30-Second Bunnies Theatre has created extremely short cartoon retellings of films such as "Alien," "Back to the Future," "The Exorcist," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Star Wars," "Godzilla" and "The Shining" -- 87 films to be exact.

Jennifer Shiman of Angry Alien Productions, who wrote, directed and produced the cartoons, has decided to put 30-Second Bunnies Theatre back in its cage.

"Time to wind down and hang up our ears," Shiman posted this week on the Angry Alien website. "This is it, for now. Thank you for your viewership and your support over the years. We are (I am) beyond grateful for your correspondence, requests, and kind words."

As a last hurrah, 30-Second Bunnies Theatre pays tribute to sci-fi favorite "Blade Runner." Watch the video here.

After 30-Second Bunnies Theatre debuted in 2004, it became so popular that it was commissioned by the Starz cable channel to make more shorts. Later, it teamed up with Crackle, then Fearnet to create additional shorts. Even actor Kevin Spacey asked to have his life re-enacted in 30 seconds.

Don't worry, the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre movie re-enactments will not be lost like tears in rain. They can all be viewed ad-free on

"Blade Runner" seems so poignant now that we know 30-Second Bunnies Theatre is ending. Angry Alien Productions