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2K Australia studio closes, VPN use rises and Net Neutrality looms (Girt by CNET Podcast 23)

Australia loses the last of its AAA gaming studios, VPN usage skyrockets in the wake of privacy (and piracy) concerns, Netflix regrets its data-free deals and Samsung launches a new TV range with nary an OLED in sight.

After 15 years of operation -- under a few different names and parent companies -- the 2K Games studio based in Canberra is shutting down. Citing the "high cost" of operating in Australia, it marks the closure of the last AAA game developer in the country. The question now is what flow-on effect might there be for the independent studios still up and running.

While many Australians only thought of a VPN as a way to get the US version of Netflix, statistics suggest that VPN use has actually skyrocketed, despite the launch of a local Netflix service. Privacy concerns might well be the main reason, although there are some suggestions that the recent Dallas Buyers Club court case might have had some effect.

Speaking of Netflix, the company has expressed regret over its free-data deals done with iiNet and Optus, saying that it should have been more careful given its stance on net neutrality in the US. But does net neutrality mean anything for the average Aussie?

Finally, Samsung has launched its new TV range in Australia, with a big focus on 4K Ultra HD. But where's the OLED TV?

Girt by CNET podcast 23

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