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$299 Blu-ray player by end of year?

Sony President and COO Stan Glasgow recently said that Sony Blu-ray players might cost $299 by the end of the year.

The recently announced BDP-S300 will cost $600, but Sony is claiming they can hit $299 by the end of the year
The recently announced BDP-S300 will cost $600, but Sony says Blu-ray players might hit $299 by the end of the year.

The TV Week story upon which this blog entry is based was in error, according to a Sony representative. Read the updated blog for the complete story.

It was already pretty big news that Sony would be releasing a $600 Blu-ray player this summer, but it's possible we could see that price drop by half again before the year is over. According to a report by TV Week, Sony President and COO Stan Glasgow said on Monday that Sony might cut the prices on its Blu-ray players to as low as $299. If true, that would be the first Blu-ray player that would cost less than the PlayStation 3, which we've found offers excellent Blu-ray playback for less than all other Blu-ray players. It would also be a pretty significant change of course from Glasgow's interview with CNET in January, where he said he didn't think Blu-ray players would hit $299 for another two or three years.

It's possible that Glasgow was misquoted, but if Blu-ray can hit $299 in 2007, that's bad news for HD DVD, which has had a significant price advantage over Blu-ray in the early stages of the next-gen high-definition disc format war. For example, we've seen Toshiba's new HD-A2 selling for $400 online, while most standard format Blu-ray players cost over $600. Considering Blu-ray's much broader studio and hardware support, we can't help but feel that the end may be near for HD DVD.