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$250 Stan Lee action figure will kick other action figures' butts

Stan Lee, creator of superheroes, gets a worthy tribute as a posable action figure complete with interchangeable head and hands.

Stan Lee action figure
This Stan Lee action figure comes with an extra head. Das Toyz

Stan Lee doesn't have metal blades shooting out of his hands or a hammer forged in the heart of a dying star, but he has a wicked grin and wields the all-encompassing power of creation of comic-book heroes. He's a superhero to superheroes. And now he's getting his very own 1:6 scale action figure tribute from Das Toyz.

The articulated action figure comes wearing a dark sports jacket, white shirt and gray pants with a belt. It's all pretty sedate. His hair is slicked back and he sports his typical big tinted glasses. In addition to a display stand, the package comes stuffed with an extra interchangeable head, extra posing hands, a spare pair of glasses, two rings, a wristwatch and a handkerchief.

What sort of play world will you imagine for your Stan Lee action figure? You could set him up at a comic convention and have him sign endless autographs for your other action figures. You could mix worlds and have him take on Superman, mano a mano, in a battle of massive comic-book franchises. Maybe he'll mingle with your "Star Wars" figures or outwit Skeletor. You can even give him cameo appearances in your Marvel fan films.

The Stan Lee action figure is available through the BigBadToyStore in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It is available to preorder for $250 (about £170, AU$325) with an expected ship date in the second quarter of this year, which might not quite be in time for the release of " Avengers: Age of Ultron" on May 1.

Stan Lee action figure standing
Stan Lee will take on any action figure. Das Toyz

(Via Geekologie)